April 11, 2011

my mind is filled with to-do lists at the moment so here's a little list for you.

praying for: Strength
wearing: comfy dress & leggings
working on: editing all unfinished photos
eating: the dried pineapples and mangos out of trail mix
dreaming of: summer time
realizing: Little boys are always rowdy and curious.
impatiently waiting: this weeks American idol
anticipating: My next Operation:Love ReUnited Photo Shoot.
loving: watching my boys actually play pretend together
stalking: way too many blogs to mention {without embarrassment}
feeling: Restless

confessional time...

I don't like rules.
I PUSH myself to follow them.
I love Music.
the main, the script, adele, meaghan smith to name a few.
I hate when People are mad at me.
When My world is in a whirlwind, I always know those who love me the most.
Cuz they Show me.
I like wearing weird things.
I love to surprise people.
Im not perfect.
never will be.
I oppose expectations.
I hate when People Judge.
Fabric, glue sticks, coke, new clothes, shoes, paint, friends, new baby smells,
clean sheets, lipgloss, A fresh shower,
Sunshine, twilight woods lotion, Lace, ruffles, Old things make me happy!

April 8, 2011

More Sledding!

Sledding in Bear Lake

 Brock is officially an adrenaline junkie! Actually they both are! they love sledding and snowmobiling! 

April 7, 2011

We 'heart' best friends!

 We 'heart' Andy! brock and andy have been best friends for about 3 years now!! And i love his mom alyson to death and jax loves playin with jack, so  it works out!Its so crazy how well they get along! they mesh perfectly! and andy tells us that him and brock are going to live together during college. so cute! we play with them every monday and they usually can't wait til the next monday!!
 Talmage cracks us up! he and brock have this strange fetish with collecting rocks and crystals and minerals. Go figure. but they love it!  we love playing with his family too and jax thinks his little sister cadance is "sooo sweet" as he says! I'm so glad we have such great neighbors!
 These crazy kids have a blast!! They've discovered how to race up and down the sidewalk at an unbelievable speed on the scooters! (its a little scary) but i guess its not fun unless its a little scary (says kayson's black eye!) but brock loves walking out the front door and having such great friends living next door to us!
  Now we can't forget shae! brock tells me he's going to marry her someday! i love that! cause what better inlaws could he ask for?! We would gladly take shae as our own but that might mess up the whole marriage thing!  but i do wish we lived closer to them so we could play more often!
As for jax and Tylan they absolutely are in love with eachother! its so adorable to watch them! jax will strap his helmet onto ty and off they go down the sidewalk side by side on their bikes! whats even cuter is when they ride the scooters, jax's is red and ty's is pink. They carry on full adult conversations with eachother which is hilarious to watch! Since brock says he's marrying shae, then of course jax says he wants to marry Ty!! where do they get this? And the only way i can get jax to do something is to tell him tylan is doing it too. "yes, tylan is going to bed right now, yes, tylan is eating dinner right now" we love tylan!!!

January 8, 2011

Operation: Love ReUnited!!!

Everyone go check out whats happening at www.polkadotsphotography.blogspot.com  Big things!!!  Click on the link to my photography page and read all about this new amazing organization, www.oplove.org !!  I'm so excited to be apart of it and share it with all of you!!

December 16, 2010

Now YOU know my ABC's

                                                            abc letters | http://www.infomediu.eu/a-new-weapon-against-climate-change-carbon-capture-and-storage...
A is for Antenna, my mommy antenna. i swear we grow them when we become moms. It tunes us into our kids {and even our husbands}and helps us to keep them safe and connect with them! 
B is for Brock. Without him I am lost, he is my sweet tender loving boy, my cuddler! My first experience of becoming a mother,he has taught me so much and he is so precious to me! He is growing so fast and will drive all the girls crazy with his adorable face, beautiful eyes and big heart! 
is for Chaos. I feel like i am always running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  Controlled chaos is my goal for the new year. I understand that with boys there will always be some chaos.
D is for Domestic Engineer (aka at home mom) Which my teenage self never thought I would become but my grown up self is learning to love.
E is for Excitable! I am so easily excited! Simple things. And i hope i can always have this! Because its always the simple things in life that bring pure joy!
F is easily for Family. My family is who I am and what I do. It is my past, future, and forever.
G is for Girl. I was always the tom boy as a child and now with a husband and  2 sons, I have never felt more like a girly girl in all my life. and i love it!
H is for Home. i love creating and making things for my home.  i love to make it a happy place full of my creativity and my childrens happy memories.
is for Irresistible sugar! Anyone that knows me knows that i love sweets! But being  hypoglycemic i've found that it's become my devil on the shoulder. I'm learning that the strength lies in moderation and protein.
J is for Jaxon. My amazingly strong fighter! His first few months of life were scary but our love and his strength pushed him through.Now today at 2 1/2 he is crazy smart and wants to learn about everything. He is crazy hilarious and i couldn't imagine my life without him!
K is for Kids in which I have 2. Two boys to teach me the real meaning of crazy mom patience and love.They are my world!
L is for Laptop. My right hand, my companion, the tool of my trade. Things its most used for: Editing, blogging, and looking up clever ideas to use with my kids and home.
M is for Mom. I never would be able to be the mother and woman that i am today if it wasn't for my own awesomely awesome mother. She is my best friend!
N is for Neighbors. We miss our old neighbors so much but are learning that our new ones are just as great!! Brock and Jaxon have the cutest friends here!
O is for Optimism. I can always look at the brighter side of things.The glass is always half full.
P is for Photography, my passion. I've finally found my outlet. my way to express my creativity. It's such an amazing feeling to look through my lens and create art.
Q is for quiet... the word that never happens at our house. so when i find it, i hold on to it for as long as possible.
R is for Ryan. the man, the provider, the stability! He keeps me grounded and real. He makes me want to be a better person, to try harder and to do more! And especially for those who know him you know he's one of the hardest workers ever!! 
S is for Surprises. I don't like surprises, i think its mostly my controlling inner-self. They give me anxiety. But to plan surprises is the best! i love surprising others!
T is for Twenty  Eight. I have joined the group of the late twenties. So I'm raising a toast, may the last couple  years of my twenties be made great!
U is for Utah. The state where I live.It is beautiful and i couldn't live without the 4 seasons. I {stubbornly} still claim idaho as a huge part of me though. 
V is for Vacation. My favorite vacation so far was my honeymoon in Mexico!! Cabo is beautiful and it visits my dreams frequently. 

W is for Women I admire.  My mom for always being there for support, and for always helping me to see things though others eyes.  And my friend Nicole  who truly loves being a mother and is one of the best ones Ive ever seen.
X is for X-mas. {CHRISTmas} My favorite holiday. My favorite memories as a child were helping my mom decorate the tree, and finding everyone that perfect gift and OF COURSE getting the perfect gifts! I love the spirit of christmas!
Y is for Yellow. One of my favorite colors next to Teal. Sunsets, sunflowers and bananas. Whats not to love.
Z is for Zest. My passion for life. May it never grow dim or be found lost.

December 15, 2010

Its that time of year again.....

                      Since i probably won't be sending our family Christmas card to all of you in the mail i still wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of you on here!!!!  I am so proud that this year i finally learned how to utilize my photoshop and made this card (thanks to smarter people online) I don't remember exactly where i found this one.

I have the hardest time with stinkin photoshop (its gonna be the death of me) and i know that all i need to do is just take a class.  So i have been trying and trying to find a way to make these myself {for free}! It killed me to have to pay other people to do what i could do myself!! So yay me!!!!! I finally found a way to do it!!! Mostly i couldn't have figured this out without jamie! Girl, i love you for showing me the simplest thing, i owe you!!!  If anyone wants our family card just send me your address and i'd love to get one to you!! i don't want to forget anyone! This year especially, i lost my address book, (i'm freakin out) and i am scrounging to find everyone's addresses! So i hope i don't miss any of you!!!!

September 8, 2010

First day of school.....

Brock was so excited for his first day back to preschool!! I was a little worried that he was going to feel unsure going into a new year with all new friends, but the little sweetie was so excited and loved every single one of them! I love his teacher almost as much as he does! she is so cute with them and provides the most creative environment!  we carpool with the most adorable little girl that just moved into our neighborhood. Her name is kate and they have so much fun together!!

  I can't bring him out of his shell and i can't make him say please and thank when he needs to and i can't make him wash his hands every time he touches something icky... but i can teach him and be an example and hope his little sponge brain absorbs it!!  I'm so proud of him!